AutoBrite Introduces 4 Mini Tunnels

AutoBrite announces 4 mini-tunnel applications. The new applications offer carwash owners an automated, express mini-tunnel carwash with a conveyor belt system within weeks, according to the company

The new AutoBrite mini-tunnels have four applications, including a stand-alone modular carwash, a modified version for new building construction, an in-bay automatic (IBA) conversion kit and a self-service tunnel addition model.

“The ModBrite carwash mini-express tunnel system has come at a perfect time for the industry,” stated Lawrence Stovall, president of AutoBrite Company. The prefabricated flexibility of the carwash system speaks volumes of the engineering, making it one of the best choices on the market for safety, durability, equipment longevity and customer experience.”

Read more about AutoBrite at PC&D.

AutoBrite Introduces 4 Mini Tunnels

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