Car Wash M&A, The Podcast, Episode 4 Overview

In addition to seeing cool new products making their debut, networking, and attending educational sessions, The Car Wash Show (TCWS) in Nashville brought people together who don’t often get to see each other. It always feels a bit like a family reunion. It’s amazing how close-knit the car wash community is, and events like TCWS highlight that unique culture within our industry. Competitors lift each other up and support one another, which is so amazing to see.

Although M&A activity continues to thrive in 2022, we sense a bit of caution in the wind. With rising interest rates, inflation, and global impacts on fuel, some financial investors may become slightly more risk adverse, which could signal a peak or potential decline in valuations on the horizon. Despite that, private equity maintains a steady interest in the space as car wash owners are looking to sell or scale their businesses.

Jeff and Bill from our Amplify Car Wash Advisors team made an exciting announcement while chatting with the ICA’s VP of Partnerships Carrie North. They shared the launch of Amplify Ventures, a new vertical within the firm aiming to provide cutting edge, innovative solutions to help car wash owners enhance operational efficiencies and maximize same-store sales. Retention Express, a full service, omni-channel, customer experience support solution, kicks off the partnership by joining Amplify Ventures.

Amplify Car Wash Advisors is a proud supporter of St. Jude and the amazing work they do to work toward ending childhood cancer. Our team learned about the opportunity to support St. Jude while attending Motor City Wash Works’ annual fundraising event last year and were so inspired that we pledged to make significant financial contributions to St. Jude. Listen for the full episode to hear about the surprise additional matching donation that happened live at TCWS!

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Car Wash M&A, The Podcast, Episode 4 Overview

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