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Hi, I ‘m Lanese Barnett, vice president of business development at Amplify Car Wash Advisors, and your host of Car Wash M&A, the podcast. Here we take a deep dive into the current mergers and acquisitions activity of the car wash industry with the goal of keeping car wash owners informed on where the market is today and where it’s going tomorrow so you can make informed decisions about your business. After spending ten years working for a car wash chain on the operations side, I joined the team at Amplify Car Wash Advisors to help owners, like you, better understand all of your options when it comes to selling or scaling your car wash. On this podcast, we’ll share insight into the dynamic world of car wash mergers and acquisitions using first-hand experiences of other owners, and tips from industry insiders and thought leaders to empower you with knowledge. You might be wondering, is now is the best time to sell, but you don’t know what your business is worth. Maybe you want to grow but think a traditional bank loan is your only option to raise capital. Or maybe you are considering taking on a private equity partner to really step on the gas and scale your operation but not sure who is the right fit for you. We’ll have candid conversations with other car wash chain owners who’ve been through the process of taking on a private equity partner, explore non-traditional capital raises, and speak with owners who’ve made a full exit and talk about the emotional side of selling your business and what life looks like after you sign on the dotted line. We’ll also spend time with other members of the Amplify Car Wash Advisors team, including International Car Wash Association Hall of Fame Inductee, Bill Martin who is a partner at Amplify and owner of Metro Express Car Wash, as well as Jeff Pavone, also a partner, and a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 40 years experience buying and selling businesses. It’s no secret. The car wash industry is changing. While it’s still fragmented today, consolidation is on the rise and private equity interest is red hot. We are here to help you unpack what’s going in the car wash space and help you make informed decisions about your car wash business. Watch for new episodes on

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