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Driven Brands Celebrates 350th Location

May 26, 2022
Driven Brands Celebrates 350th Location

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Following a banner year for Driven Brands Car Wash North America with more than 110 new locations in 2021, the company continues its growth trajectory, a press release stated.

On May 20, Driven Brands celebrated another significant milestone opening its 350th express carwash in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The 350th location is the seventh greenfield the company has opened this year. Driven Brands built its carwash greenfield pipeline to 150 sites in only 18 months, following its initial acquisition of the former International Car Wash Group (ICWG).

The company expects to expand greenfield opening momentum through the remainder of the year and remains acquisitive in the carwash industry — completing 13 acquisitions since January 1.

“The carwash industry remains ripe for growth and we are continuing to expand Driven Brands’ carwash footprint both organically and inorganically. Carwash is one of the highest growth priorities for Driven Brands, given its highly fragmented competition, significant unit growth whitespace, simple operating model and strong unit-level economics,” said Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Driven Brands president and CEO.

The 350th carwash location is branded as Take 5 Car Wash, which the company is piloting for potential national rollout with 83 locations under this banner today.

John Teddy, EVP and president, Car Wash North America, said, “We’re the largest pure play express operator in the industry. We love the simplicity and convenience of the conveyorized selfservice carwash. Our Take 5 Car Wash brand expands on this foundation with a simple operating model and innovative customer experience. We believe that the strength of this brand, combined with our network scale advantage, will make us simply the most convenient carwash in North America.”

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