Operation Light Shine



Recognizing the urgent need to address the grave issue of child exploitation and trafficking, Operation Light Shine has taken upon itself the responsibility to bridge the funding gap and bolster law enforcement efforts in their fight against this heinous crime. By securing additional resources and support, this organization plays a pivotal role in empowering law enforcement agencies to intensify their efforts and protect vulnerable children from exploitation and abuse. Through unwavering dedication and collaboration, Operation Light Shine stands as a vital ally to law enforcement, complementing their endeavors with crucial resources, tools, and expertise. Their mission embodies the unwavering commitment to safeguarding the innocence and well-being of children, working tirelessly to create a safer society for future generations.



Our team member and Director of Site Selection, Luke Pell, became a chairman of the board for Operation Light Shine.  For this organization, we will continue reach and awareness within our community and networks, and introduce synergistic relationships to fight for this cause.  We have incredible partners that have come alongside us to help fund and raise awareness like the Tim Tebow Foundation, several State Legislators and a handful of private donors that have joined the effort.


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Operation Light Shine

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