Refurbished Headset Company with Amazon FBA Storefront

• Owner Absentee Business
• Self-Sustaining E-Commerce Platform
• 2023P Total Income Over $1.2MM
• Highly Autonomous Storefront with Nearly 500 Amazon SKUs
• Amazon FBA Fulfillemt
• Exisiting Company-Managed Website Via Shopify
• Refurbished Headsets Meet or Exceed Industry Standards

Commercial Plus, Inc. is proud to offer the opportunity to acquire a B2B-focused business specializing in the renewal and sale of high-quality Jabra headsets and accessories since 2018. The company successfully adapts to changes in office and remote work environments, meeting the rising demand for USB wired and wireless headsets. They employ a comprehensive product lifecycle, sourcing, refurbishing, and distributing products through Amazon FBA and direct shipping.

With a multi-channel sales strategy, targeting Amazon and independent e-commerce platforms, the company ensures broad reach and brand presence. Daily operations involve receiving, refurbishing, and dispatching units from diverse partners, guaranteeing quality that often exceeds industry standards. Positioned for growth under new ownership, this company stands out in the refurbished headset market due to its commitment to quality, strategic approach, and untapped potential in digital marketing.

$2,000,000 | Click Here to Submit a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Alex Pavone | Senior VP of Sales
Commercial Plus, Inc. | Broker Leona Voltz
Agent CA Lic. #02024484
Email | [email protected]

In Conjunction with Commercial Plus, LLC

Brenden Cabano | Commercial Specialist
Commercial Plus, LLC | Broker Georgina Palmer
Agent AZ Lic. #SA710502000
Email | [email protected]

Office | 480.581.1000

Refurbished Headset Company with Amazon FBA Storefront
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