SCWA Webinar with Lanese Barnett – Building Meaningful Relationships

Join Lanese on August 11th for this SCWA webinar on Building Meaningful Relationships. Lanese will share her expertise and insights with everyone in the webinar. The webinar is 10:30 AM CDT on August 11th. Sign up here to register for this event

Read what Lanese shares about the webinar below: Making someone feel like they matter to you and to your business can be really powerful, but it takes effort and consistency. Creating connections and building meaningful relationships with your customers can help foster and deepen their brand loyalty, especially in an increasingly competitive car wash landscape. Likewise, strengthening relationships with your staff can boost employee satisfaction, and reduce turnover – thereby providing better service to your customers! In this webinar, we’ll discuss practical ways to be intentional and authentic in your approach to relationship building with your customers and your team to make your business even more successful. Don’t miss Lanese speaking about this important topic that can really enhance your business’s success. Sign up today!

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