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The Delicate Balance of Leadership

July 17, 2018
The Delicate Balance of Leadership

In the recent issue of Car Wash Magazine, the topic of Leadership was explored from a variety of angles. Here is an excerpt from the article:

George Odden, a principal at CP Capital Advisory Services, LLC, has guided businesses through mergers and acquisitions for more than two decades, with a special interest in the car wash industry. Odden cautions car wash industry leaders to remember that consolidation forces a number of disparate parties together quickly – which can get very tricky very fast.

“The successful leader in that atmosphere will carry the torch for the culture he or she is trying to establish or maintain,” Odden said. “This can be challenging as new businesses with their own traditions and cultures are mixed.”

While many franchises continue to cultivate a familial feel among team members even after a merger, this can be a double-edged sword, since new people will bring their own experiences to the table.

“It’s a delicate balance of making the new feel welcome and comfortable while not alienating the old,” Odden said.

Read the full article in Car Wash Magazine here: http://www.nxtbook.com/naylor/ICWQ/ICWQ0218/index.php#/24


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