Tidal Wave Auto Spa Opens 100th Location

Tidal Wave Auto Spa announced it has opened its 100th location and expands to a new region opening a wash in Maplewood, MN.

“Tidal Wave Auto Spa is thrilled to hit the milestone of 100 washes and enter the new markets of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota,” said Ryan Crumley, Chief Growth Officer. “Our new Maplewood wash is the first of many Tidal Wave locations to come in Minnesota, as there are currently 10 locations in development and plans to open 35 over the next 4 years in Minnesota alone.”

“It’s a momentous occasion for the Tidal Wave team as we celebrate our growth to 100 locations,” said Tidal Wave CEO Scott Blackstock. “We are so proud to offer employment opportunities for our team members that lead to long term leadership careers and take pride in providing excellence customer service.” Everyone knows that if it isn’t snowing in Minnesota it is road repair season, and Tidal Wave keeps that road dirt and debris away.

Read more about Tidal Wave Auto Spa at CarWash.org

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