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Top 50 Car Washes of 2021

December 8, 2021
Top 50 Car Washes of 2021

A snapshot of the country’s leading tunnel brands and operators by Professional Carwashing & Detailing (PCD).

ByPCD StaffonDecember 6, 2021
Each year, the editors of PCD compile and publish a list of the leading conveyorized carwash operators, ranked by their number of locations. In the pages ahead, you will find the 2021 Top 50 U.S. Conveyor Chain List as well as reactions and predictions from some industry leaders.

As mergers, acquisitions, consolidation and expansion continue to trend upward in the carwash market, this list has become more and more difficult to maintain on a yearly basis since M&A transactions in this sector continue to occur on a weekly basis.

However, we strive to make every attempt to validate the list’s information, such as receiving confirmation from the large majority of companies featured on the list. These company representatives provide year-end projections — months ahead of the new year — which may or may not match actuals due to unforeseen circumstances.

While this year’s list continues to feature many of the familiar names and brands the carwash industry has known for decades, surging up the list are operators that have only been in the market for five years or less.

The top-heavy trend that we’ve been seeing for the past few years continued this year. For the first time, all five companies featured in the list’s top five have triple-digit year-end projected locations.

Our publication has tracked and reported on the consistent flow of expansion and acquisition news in this market. According to industry experts, this activity is only getting started with no known threats of a slowdown.

We start the list with a new addition to the top five. Mister Car Wash remains at the top of the list. Next is Driven Brands Car Wash North America, formerly International Car Wash Group, which was recently acquired by Driven Brands. Third again on this year’s list, now based in Dallas, is Zips Car Wash. In the list’s fourth position, we find another top five regular, California-based Quick Quack Car Wash. And, new to the top five this year, in the fifth spot, is Tommy’s Express Car Wash with a year-end projection of 100 locations.

We hope you enjoy tracking our publication’s annual list as much as we like researching and compiling it. Welcome again to the official 2021 Top 50 U.S. Conveyor Chain List.

View PCD’s full list here: https://www.carwash.com/top-50-u-s-conveyor-chain-list/

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